Spec-D Projector Headlights For Ford F250/F350/F450 w/ Halo LED DRL (99-04) IN Black / Chrome / Smoked

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For Ford truck owners with an older F250, F350 or F450 that have old, crusty and otherwise unattractive headlights, you’re in luck.

We know that one of the most annoying things is when you’re walking up to your truck and you notice how your OEM factory headlights have crusted a yellowish/orange haze on your stock lights and it not only makes it difficult to see at night but it also ruins the look of your truck, instantly aging it. Luckily, there’s a lot of options out there for you, but one that stands out in particular are these Spec-D Projector Headlights with Halo LED DRL’s that simply look stunning.

When upgrading your headlights with these aftermarket Spec-D’s, your truck will feel new again and give you much better visibility at night as well as some added style with the new quad halos (dual halo in each light, driver side and passenger side) that make your truck look newer. You can even choose from various styles. The last time I checked, these lights came in 4 different styles.

Black – The Black Halo lights come with a black housing with a clear lens. Since the lens is clear, you get much better visibility, but the housing has a darker look to it because the housing is black.

Above: Matte Black housing with Clear Lens

Chrome – The Chrome Halo Lights come with a chrome housing with a clear lens. This is more matching the OEM style for those who want to keep a clean factory style look.

Above: Chrome Housing with Clear Lens

Black with Smoked Lens – This is the most popular because not only does it have a black housing but it also has a tinted or smoked lens which makes the lights dark and look sinister. The only problem is because the lens is tinted / smoked, the light output is reduced so we recommend getting an HID kit with an H1 bulb or something similar to ensure you have enough light output to see.

Above: Black housing with Smoked/Tinted Lens

Jet Black – Similar to black above, Jet black is the same except the black is gloss as opposed to matte. It makes the headlight housing appear to be more shiny and looks nice.

Above: Jet Black housing with clear lens

These Spec-D headlights do come with standard halogen H1 bulbs, but many people complain that the bulbs are not very bright and even more dull than stock. So we do recommend that you prepare yourself for this and either get the HID kit we mention above, or try to get a brighter halogen bulb. For this specific kit you need an H1 bulb for both the low beam and the high beam.

Luckily, on the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 F250, F350 and F450 models, swapping our your factory lights for these new lights is a pretty straight forward task for the DIY’er. You don’t need to remove the bumper or do anything fancy as the lights come out pretty easily. Check out the video below that shows what these lights look like when installed and also how to install them.

Spec-D does recommend professional install, primarily because the lights can be a bit cumbersome to adjust. If the lights are giving you almost no output and you simply can’t see at night, you likely have it adjusted too high up and you do need to adjust the lights to point lower. Since this can be pretty frustrating, a professional can adjust it according to your specific truck before you pick it up. If your truck is factory height, lifted or lowered, the adjustments will have to be set up differently for each style.


Spec-D Headlights are super popular because of their good looks, high availability of different styles, and low price points. The adage of “You get what you pay for” pretty much holds true when it comes to these lights. These are low cost for a reason and can be hit and miss. Some people complain that there is condensation in their lights, which can be tricky as sometimes condensation is a user error when the installer doesn’t install the bulb flush against the housing and it allows air to come in. It could also be the housing itself just isn’t sealed so great so Spec-D recommends to reseal the housing before installing.

Other reviews say that they install the lights but have an issue where one or more of the halo rings don’t work. We recommend to double check the wiring and make sure that it’s properly wired up. If one of the two halo rings won’t light up, it’s likely just a defect.

These lights also have 3 accent LED bulbs on the sides, and sometimes people complain that one, or more of these LED bulbs goes out. From my understanding, you’re not able to replace these bulbs as they’re built into the housing.


Spec-D offers a 90 day warranty on their lights. This is good because if you have any initial issues, Spec-D will usually swap your set of lights without issue. But if your lights work for the first 90 days and then stop working on day 91, you’re out of luck. Spec-D holds pretty strict to their warranty timeline.

Also, people complain that it was a lot of work to install the lights, only to find them defective and then have to remove the lights to send them back in for replacement. It’s quite the hassle.


Overall, customers are happy with their Spec-D F250, F350, F450 lights and any possible negatives are outshined by the ability to upgrade their truck with some awesome looking lights.

Where can I buy these lights?

If you want to check these lights out, click here and you can see the latest availability for each one of the different styles. If you buy them, we encourage you to leave a review or comments below on your experience with these headlights. If you already own them, we’d love to hear from you as well so future customers and those interested in these lights can have a good resource to fall back on.

Also, send in pictures, we’d love to see your truck and we’d love to feature them here with these Spec-D lights installed.