Eibach releases lift Kit and lowering springs for the atlas v6

If you have a 2021 or 2021 Volkswagen Atlas V6, you might not be too happy with the stance from the factory. For those enthusiasts, Eibach has just released a set of their Pro Kit Performance Lowering Springs and Pro Lift Kit Springs to get you the right ground clearance or stance you’re looking for in your new Atlas.

If you want to lower your VW Atlas, the Eibach Pro Kit offers you a 1.8″ drop in the front and a 1.6″ drop in the rear. For those who want more ground clearance and want to lift their Atlas, the Eibach Pro Lift Kit gives you an added 1.5″ Front and 1.0″ Rear lift.

Each Eibach spring is designed to be used with factory shocks and Eibach stands behind their product with a 1 million mile warranty.

Above: The factory height on the VW Atlas
Above: Atlas with Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
Above: Atlas with Eibach Pro Lift Kit springs

From Eibach: Eibach PRO-KIT is designed and tested by our suspension engineers and performance driving professionals to deliver an increase in steering response and improved vehicle dynamics for a sportier, more balanced feel without ever compromising safety or ride quality. By using our proprietary spring design, PRO-KIT provides the ultimate balance to take your passion for driving to a whole new level. Additionally, the reduction in fender gap and ground clearance also contributes to an enhanced aesthetic.

Eibach PRO-LIFT-KIT Springs are designed to provide a suspension lift for your Atlas without the use of coilover systems or spacer lifts. Eibach spring lifts allow full range of suspension travel without additional stress on bushings and ball-joints as seen with spacer lift systems and are engineered to work perfectly with factory shocks.

Each PRO-LIFT-KIT is engineered and manufactured using the same technology found in our championship winning ERO Off-road race springs and carefully tested to provide unparalleled ride quality and off-road capability.

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