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Jaguar Replacement Parts
How do I search your Jaguar Parts catalog?
We make it easy to find replacement parts for your Jaguar using our interactive lookup catalog. Simply select the year of your Jaguar below, and then select your model. Once you drill down, you will be presented with all of the parts we currently have in stock for your Jaguar. Next to each part number will be a number that says how much of each part we have in stock. It doesn't get any easier!

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What brands of Jaguar Replacement Parts do you carry?
We carry the largest selection of top quality brands than anyone else. We carry everything from Genuine Jaguar to performance aftermarket manufactures such as K&N Air Filters, Denso Oxygen Sensors, NGK Spark Plugs, and Bosch Fuel Filters.

Why are your prices up to 70% off the Jaguar dealer price?
When you buy from your local dealer, a big portion of the price of the part is paying for the dealer's overhead. What many people don't know, is that you can have the dealer perform the work on your car, but you can bring the parts to them. This saves you hundreds of dollars on parts, and the labor is still guaranteed by the dealer.

How soon can I get my Jaguar parts after I order?
We have a network of warehouses around the United States that is strategically placed in areas around the country for us to be able to offer the fastest shipping possible to just about every region of the United States. While we don't offer pickups at these locations, we do ship from the location closest to you that has the part number you ordered in stock. This advantage means your order usually arrives for you within 1-2 days, even with standard ground shipping.

We carry Jaguar Replacement Parts for the following models

Jaguar 3.8 MK2 Sedan Jaguar 3.8 S Sedan Jaguar 340 Sedan
Jaguar 420 Sedan Jaguar MK 9/10 Sedan Jaguar V6 S Type Sedan
Jaguar V6 X Type Jaguar V8 S Type Sedan Jaguar V8 XJ Series
Jaguar V8 XJR Series Jaguar V8 XK Convertible Jaguar V8 XK Coupe
Jaguar V8 XK8 Jaguar V8 XKR Jaguar XJ/300 - 12 Cyl.
Jaguar XJ12 - 12 Cylinder Jaguar XJ12/40 - 12 Cyl. Jaguar XJ6 - 6 Cylinder
Jaguar XJ6/300 - 6 Cyl. Jaguar XJ6 40 6 Cylinder Jaguar XJ6R - 6 Cylinder
Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder Jaguar XJS - 6 Cylinder Jaguar XK 120/140/150
Jaguar XKE Ser. 3 - 12 Cyl. Jaguar XKE Series 1 & 2

2.5 3.0 3.4 3.6 3.8 4.0 4.2
5.3 6.0

Some of our Jaguar Replacement Parts

A/C Condenser A/C Control Panel A/C Evaporator
A/C Expansion Valve A/C Hose A/C Idler Pulley
A/C Low Press. Switch A/C O-Ring A/C Orifice Tube
A/C Pressure Switch A/C Receiver Drier A/C Sensor
A/C Temp. Switch A/C Thermo Switch A/C Trinary Switch
A/T Fluid ABS Accumulator ABS Pressure Delay Valve
ABS Pressure Monitor Sw ABS Relay ABS Repair Kit
ABS Ring ABS Speed Sensor ABS Switch O-Ring
ACC Cabin Filter Acc. Belt Idler Pulley Acc. Belt Tensioner Assy
Accelerator Pedal Access Plug Accessory Drive Belt
Air Box Hose Air Cleaner Mount Air Filter
Air Inject Check Valve Air Inject T Connector Air Intake Hose
Air Mass Meter Air Mass Meter Boot Air Mass Meter Hose
Air Mass Meter Mount Air Pipe Connector Air Pump
Air Pump Control Valve Air Pump Hose Air Pump Solenoid Valve
Air Rail Seal Air Temp. Sensor Alternator
Ambient Temp Sensor Antenna Antenna Mast
Antenna Mount Bushing Anti Rattle Spring AT Filter
AT Filter Kit AT Fluid AT Front Seal
AT Kickdown Cable AT Pan Gasket AT Seal
Auto Trans Fluid Aux. Fan Control Unit Auxiliary Air Valve
Auxiliary Cooling Fan Auxiliary Fan Assembly Auxiliary Fan Switch
Auxiliary Valve Hose Auxiliary Water Pump Axle Assembly
Axle Bearing Carrier Axle Hub Spacer Axle Lock Tab
Axle Nut Axle Pipe Ball Joint
Ball Joint Boot Ball Joint Kit Ball Joint Shim
Bearing Adj. Spacer Blower Motor Blower Motor Relay
Bolt Booster Check Valve Booster Vacuum Hose
Brake Accumulator Brake Bleed Screw Kit Brake Booster
Brake Caliper Brake Disc Brake Disc Set
Brake Disc Set Screw Brake Fluid Brake Hose
Brake Light Switch Brake Master Cylinder Brake Master Repair Kit
Brake Pad Sensor Brake Pad Set Brake Reservoir
Brake Reservoir Cap Brake Reservoir Grommet Brake Switch Harness
Brake Warning Valve Kit Breather Hose Bulb Failure Relay
Bypass Hose Caliper O-Ring Caliper Piston
Caliper Repair Kit Cam Follower Cam Guide O-Ring
Cam Plug Camshaft Adjuster Magnet Camshaft Gear
Camshaft Position Sensor Camshaft Woodruff Key Cap Emblem
Cap Emblem Retainer Carbon Cannister Carburetor Diaphragm
Carburetor Float Carburetor Jet Carburetor Needle Valve
Carburetor Repair Kit Catalytic Converter Central Ignition Coil
Chain Tensioner Bolt Chain Tensioner Gasket Chain Tensioner O-Ring
Chain Tensioner Piston Choke Gasket Kit Clutch Disc
Clutch Master Cylinder Clutch Master Repair Kit Clutch Slave Cylinder
Coil Spring Coil Spring Insulator Coil Spring Set
Cold Start Valve Gasket Combination Switch Control Arm
Control Arm Bushing Coolant Bleed Hose Coolant Level Sensor
Coolant/Antifreeze Cooling Hose Cooling System Cap Seal
Cover Gasket O-Ring Crank Position Sensor Crankcase Gasket Set
Crankshaft Gear Crankshaft Seal Crankshaft Seal Kit
Cruise Actuator Mount Cruise Control Actuator Cruise Control Cable
Cruise Control Switch Cruise Cut Out Switch Crush Sleeve
Cup Holder CV Boot Kit CV Joint Kit
Cylinder Head Bolt Cylinder Head Gasket Cylinder Head Gasket Set
Cylinder Head Nut Cylinder Head Stud Decel Pump Diaphragm
Diff. Side Cover O-Ring Differential Differential Bearing
Differential Gasket Direct Ignition Coil Distributor Cap
Distributor O-Ring Distributor Rotor Diverter Valve Hose
Door Check Door Handle Door Handle Trim
Door Lock Actuator Door Lock Kit Door Panel Retainer
Door Seal Drive Shaft Flex Joint Driveshaft Bolt
Driveshaft Support EGR Temperature Sensor EGR Vacuum Solenoid
EGR Valve EGR Valve Gasket Emblem
Emission Hose Engine Decal Engine Mount
Engine Temp. Sensor Engine Vibration Damper Exhaust Flange Gasket
Exhaust Gasket Exhaust Manifold Gasket Exhaust Mount
Exhaust Mount Bushing Exhaust Pipe Exhaust Stud
Exhaust Valve Expansion Tank Expansion Tank Cap
Expansion Tank Hose Fan Clutch Flasher Relay
Flex Plate Lock Plate Fog Light Fog Light Bulb
Fog Light Lens Fuel Filler Neck Seal Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter O-Ring Fuel Hose Fuel Injector
Fuel Injector O-Ring Fuel Injector Seal Fuel Injector Seal Kit
Fuel Level Float Fuel Level Sending Unit Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Assembly Fuel Pump Check Valve
Fuel Pump Flange Fuel Pump Gasket Fuel Pump Mounting Brkt.
Fuel Pump Wiring Harness Fuel Sender Gasket Fuel Sender Lock Ring
Fuel Solenoid Fuel Tank Cap Fuel Tank Door
Fuel Tank Drain Seal Fuel Transfer Switch Fulcrum Shaft
Fuse Fusebox Glove Box Grommet
Halogen Bulb Hazard Flasher Switch Head Bolt Washer
Header Pipe Headlight Assembly Headlight Bulb
Headlight Lens Headlight Relay Headlight Switch
Heater Core Heater Hose Heater Pipe Ferrule
Heater Valve Heater Valve Coupling Hood Pad
Hood Release Cable Hood Strut Horn
Hub Cap Hub Carrier Bump Stop Idle Control Valve
Igniter Kit Ignition Amplifier Ignition Coil
Ignition Coil Gasket Ignition Control Unit Ignition Conversion Kit
Ignition Lock Assembly Ignition Lock Cylinder Ignition Module
Ignition Switch Ignition Wire Set Inertia Switch
Input Shaft Seal Intake Manifold Intake Manifold Gasket
Intake Valve Intermediate Pipe Intermediate Shaft Seal
Knock Sensor KYB Installation Kit License Light Lens
Light Bulb Lug Nut Main Bearing Set
Manifold Gasket MAP Sensor Micro Switch
Mirror Back Muffler Muffler Mount
Multi Rib Belt Neutral Safety Switch Oil Cooler Housing
Oil Drain Plug Oil Drain Plug Gasket Oil Filler Cap
Oil Filler Cap Gasket Oil Filter Oil Pan
Oil Pan Gasket Oil Pan Gasket Set Oil Pressure Sender
Oil Pump Oil Pump Chain Tensioner On/Off Micro Switch
Output Shaft Seal Output Shaft Spacer Oxygen Sensor
P/S Fluid P/S Pressure Hose P/S Pump
P/S Pump Repair Kit P/S Reservoir P/S Reservoir Cap
P/S Return Hose P/S Suction Hose Paper Repair Manual
Parking Brake Cable Parking Brake Shoe PCV Valve
Pickup Coil Pinion Seal Piston Ring Set
Piston Set Power Antenna Power Seat Control Unit
Power Steering Fluid Pressure Plate Purge Valve
Radiator Radiator Cap Radiator Drain Plug
Radiator Hose Radiator Mount Reference Sensor
Relay Release Bearing Reservoir Level Sensor
Rivet Rod Bearing Rod Bearing Set
Seal Ring Seat Control Unit Shock Absorber
Shock Bleed Screw Shock Bump Stop Shock Bushing
Shock Collet Shock Conversion Shock Mount
Shock Mount Insulator Side Marker Assembly Side Marker Gasket
Side Marker Lens Skid Plate Spark Plug
Spark Plug Seal Speedometer Drive Speedometer Transmitter
Spindle Nut Spring Seat Spring Spacer
Spring Support Spring Top Plate Starter
Starter Solenoid Steering Column Adj. Steering Column Motor
Steering Coupling Steering King Pin Bearin Steering Rack
Steering Rack Boot Steering Rack Boot Kit Steering Rack Bushing
Steering Rack Mount Steering Rack Seal Kit Steering Shaft
Stop Light Switch Strut Bearing Stub Axle
Subframe Bushing Subframe Mount Sunroof Switch
Sunvisor Bracket Supercharger Belt Suspension Fluid
Sway Bar Bracket Sway Bar Bushing Sway Bar Link
Sway Bar Mount Switch Tail Light Assembly
Tail Pipe Tail Pipe Extension Tappet Guide
Thermo Vacuum Valve Thermostat Thermostat Housing
Thermostat Housing Cover Thermostat Housing Gskt. Thermostat O-Ring
Throttle Actuator Throttle Body Throttle Body Gasket
Throttle Cable Throttle Position Sensor Throttle Switch
Tie Rod End Timing Chain Timing Chain Kit
Timing Chain Tensioner Timing Cover Gasket Timing Guide Rail
Torque Rod Trailing Arm Bushing Trans. Mount Bushing
Trans. Mount Spacer Trans. Mount Spring Trans. Mount Spring Seat
Trans. Mount Washer Transmission Mount Transmission Seal
Trim Fastener Trunk Seal Trunk Strut
Turn Signal Assembly Turn Signal Lens Turn Signal Light
Turn Signal Switch U Joint Vacuum Advance Unit
Valve Adjust Shim Valve Cover Gasket Valve Cover Gasket Set
Valve Cover O-Ring Valve Cover Seal Washer Valve Guide
Valve Keeper Valve Spring Valve Stem Seal
Voltage Regulator Voltage Stabilizer Washer Check Valve
Washer Nozzle Washer Nozzle Cover Washer Pump
Washer Pump Grommet Washer Pump O-Ring Washer Reservoir
Washer Reservoir Cap Water Distribution Pipe Water Outlet O-Ring
Water Pipe Water Pump Water Pump Gasket
Water Pump Hub Stud Water Temperature Sender Wheel Bearing
Wheel Bearing Kit Wheel Dust Shield Wheel Hub
Wheel Hub Assembly Wheel Seal Wheel Stud
Window Lock Out Switch Window Motor Window Motor Adapter
Window Regulator Window Regulator Kit Window Seal
Window Switch Window Switch Bezel Windshield Seal
Windshield Wiper Arm Windshield Wiper Motor Wiper Arm Cover
Wiper Blade Wiper Blade Insert Wiper Switch
Wiring Harness

Latest Jaguar Replacement Parts

76-93 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3  Intake Manifold Gasket Intake Manifold Gasket
76-93 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 12 Per Engine This gasket is replaced by part # NNA 3020BA Intake Manifold Gasket Composite Material
76-93 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Goetze Valve Cover Gasket Goetze Valve Cover Gasket
76-93 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Left Side OEM - Steel re-enforced Valve Cover Gasket Non Steel Reinforced OEM - Steel re-enforced
76-93 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Payen Valve Cover Gasket Payen Valve Cover Gasket
76-93 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Left Side OEM - Steel re-enforced Valve Cover Gasket Non Steel Reinforced OEM - Steel re-enforced
92 -  Jaguar XJ6 40 6 Cylinder 4.0 APA/URO Parts Antenna Mast APA/URO Parts Antenna Mast
92 - Jaguar XJ6 40 6 Cylinder 4.0 W/ 'Toothed' Cable Antenna Mast
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0  A/C Receiver Drier A/C Receiver Drier
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0 A/C Receiver Drier
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0  A/C Orifice Tube A/C Orifice Tube
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0 Orifice Tube
No O-Rings Shown A/C Orifice Tube
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0 Denso A/C Orifice Tube Denso A/C Orifice Tube
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0 Orifice Tube
No O-Rings Shown A/C Orifice Tube 1 = Package of 10
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0  A/C Evaporator A/C Evaporator
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0 A/C Evaporator
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0 Nissens Heater Core Nissens Heater Core
02-07 Jaguar V6 X Type 3.0 Heater Core
78 -  Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Four Seasons A/C O-Ring Four Seasons A/C O-Ring
78 - Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Drier Outlet A/C O-Ring
78 -  Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Metrix A/C Receiver Drier Metrix A/C Receiver Drier
78 - Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Horizontal Mount A/C Receiver Drier
76-93 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Santech A/C O-Ring Santech A/C O-Ring
76-93 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Inlet & Outlet Fitting
Rear of Compressor
Reqs. 2 A/C O-Ring
92-96 Jaguar XJS - 6 Cylinder 4.0 Behr Thermostat Behr Thermostat
92-96 Jaguar XJS - 6 Cylinder 4.0 W/ O-Ring
87 C * This number refers to a MB number that has an o-ring gasket with it (#110 200 05 15) XJS 4.0 requires a thermostat gasket - part # NBB 2217AC  Kit
92-96 Jaguar XJS - 6 Cylinder 4.0 Wahler Thermostat Wahler Thermostat
92-96 Jaguar XJS - 6 Cylinder 4.0 W/ O-Ring
87 C * This number refers to a MB number that has an o-ring gasket with it (#110 200 05 15) XJS 4.0 requires a thermostat gasket - part # NBB 2217AC  Kit
78 - 88 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 United States A/C Hose United States A/C Hose
78 - 88 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Compressor to Condenser
w/ Muffler at Comp A/C Hose W/ Muffler
98-03 Jaguar V8 XJ Series 4.0  Neutral Safety Switch Neutral Safety Switch
98-03 Jaguar V8 XJ Series 4.0 Neutral Safety Switch
 - 00 Jaguar V8 XK8 4.0  Fog Light Fog Light
- 00 Jaguar V8 XK8 4.0 Left Fog Light
97-02 Jaguar V8 XK8 4.0  Combination Switch Combination Switch
97-02 Jaguar V8 XK8 4.0 w/Auto Head Lamp w/Auto Head Lamp, Headlamp/ Turn Signal Switch Combination Switch w/Auto Head Lamp, Headlamp/ Turn Signal Switch
79 -  Jaguar XJ6 - 6 Cylinder 4.2  Micro Switch Micro Switch
79 - Jaguar XJ6 - 6 Cylinder 4.2 Handbrake
Ser. 3 Located at handbrake lever Micro Switch Located at handbrake lever
 - 81 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Lucas Distributor Cap Lucas Distributor Cap
- 81 Jaguar XJS - 12 Cylinder 5.3 Distributor Cap

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