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Honda Performance Parts
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Our performance parts catalog for your Honda lists all of the latest and greatest aftermarket parts available to increase the horsepower, torque and overall performance of your Honda.

All of the parts listed below are designed to fit your Honda, and are specifically tested to ensure fitment. However, there are some parts that are listed as Universal which mean they fit every application, but could need modification to either the part itself, or to your Honda to properly fit. If you are unsure, please ask in our Honda forum, or please contact us.

Please check back soon as we are always adding Honda performance parts and Honda aftermarket parts into our catalog.

Honda Performance Parts

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Honda Universal Parts

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Latest Honda Performance Parts

Honda Blackworks Coilovers
blackworks-racing Blackworks Coilovers allow you to lower your car to your desired height without sacrificing ride quality. With other coilovers on the market, when lowering your car, you need to literally compress the springs, giving you a horrible ride. Blackworks Coilovers are different, and allow you to actual...
Honda KW Variant 1 Coilover Kit
kw-suspension The KW Variant 1 Coilover Kit is a premier KW Coilover system that puts most other coilover brands to shame. When you are done with inferior coilover kits, and want the best ride, best handling, and best durability, look no further than the KW Variant 1 coilover kit. KW designed the Variant 1 for ...
Honda Volant Cold Air Intake
volant Volant Cold Air Intakes are high flow cool air intake kits that are custom designed for your specific car or truck. Each volant cold Air Intake is designed to increase horsepower, torque and gas mileage for your specific application by giving your car the ability to draw in cool air from the coldes...
Honda Russell Speed Bleeders
russell Russell Speed Bleeders made bleeding your brakes a one person job. They are a direct replacement for your factory brake bleed screw and permanently replace the original bleeder screw. Russell Speed Bleeders come with a special dust protection cap to keep your brake system clean, and have an OEM st...
Honda DBA Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors
dba-disc-brakes DBA Gold Series Slotted and Cross Drilled brake rotors give your brake system quicker cooling through a special "Kangaroo Paw" internal vent system. These DBA Gold Rotors are ideal for passanger cars, trucks and SUVs due to their improved braking that increases safety and decreases stopping distanc...
Honda Power Slot Brake Rotors
power-slot Power Slot Brake Rotors are slotted brake rotors which means they have slots carved directly into the rotor that allows your brakes to run cooler by allowing gas to escape from between the rotor and the pad. Power Slot rotors are a direct replacement for your
Honda Magnaflow Direct Fit Catalytic Converter
magnaflow Magnaflow Catalytic Converters are made to take the guesswork out of replacing your catalytic converter. These are direct replacement units and require no welding or modifying to fit on most vehicles. Not only do you get a replacement, smog and carb legal catalytic converter, but you get the quali...
Honda Rostra Cruise Control Kit
rostra The Rosta Cruise Control Kit features the ability for you to quickly and easily add cruise control functionality to your car that does not come with cruise control from the factory. This Rostra Cruise control kit is a pedal by pass kit, and requries no dealer activation!

Some of the features...
Honda DGR Coilover Kit
dgr-suspension DGR Coilover Kits are 30 way adjustable and offer superior ride comfort and control over comparible coilover systems. DGR Coilover Kits are able to achieve incredible handling and superior ride by using the best parts and materials in building the coilover kits such as spherical bearings from Koyo ...
Honda Yonaka Catback Exhaust
yonaka The Yonaka Catback Exhaust is made of beautifully polished stainless steel and is a direct bolt on for your car. Each exhaust is designed to allow for the least possible backpressure while not being too loud. The exhaust has a specially designed Yonaka muffler that emits a quiet, clean and deep hu...

We carry Honda Replacement Parts for the following models

Honda 0 Honda Accord Honda Accord DX, LX, and EX
Honda Accord DX, LX, SE, and EX Honda Accord LXi and SEi Honda Civic
Honda Civic / CRX Honda Civic CX, DX, LX, and EX Honda Civic CX, DX, LX, and HX
Honda Civic Del Sol Honda Civic EG Honda Civic EK
Honda Civic EX Honda Civic EX and Si Honda Civic SI
Honda Civic VX, CX, DX, LX, and EX Honda Civic Wagon Honda Civic/CRX
Honda CR-V Honda CR-Z Honda CRV
Honda CRV LX and EX Honda CRX Honda CRX HF and Si
Honda CRZ Honda Del Sol Honda Del Sol S
Honda Del Sol S, and Si Honda Del Sol S, Si Honda Del Sol S, Si, and VTEC
Honda Del Sol Si Honda Del Sol VTEC Honda Element
Honda Fit Honda Insight Honda Integra
Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey LX and EX Honda Passport
Honda Pilot Honda Prelude Honda Prelude Base and Type SH
Honda Prelude S Honda Prelude Si Honda Prelude Si and Si VTEC
Honda Prelude Si VTEC, Base, and SH Honda Ridgeline Honda S2000
Honda Universal Honda Wagovan

1.8 4ZE1 6VD1 A20A1 A20A3 B16A2 B16A3
B20A3 B20A5 B20Z2 B20__ B21A1 BS1,A20 BS2,A20
BS_,A20 BT,A20A C27A4 D15B/Z8 D15B1 D15B2 D15B6
D15B7 D15Z1 D16A6 D16B5 D16Y5 D16Y7 D16Y8
D16Z6 D17A1 D17A2 D17A6 D17A7 EB_ ECA1
EV1 EV1,D13 EW1 EW1,D15 EW4,D15 EW_,D15 F20C1
F22A1 F22A1,6 F22A4,6 F22A6 F22B1 F22B2 F22B6
F22C1 F23A1,4 F23A5 F23A7 H22A1 H22A4 H23A1
J30A1 J30A_ J35A6 J35A7 J35A9 J35A_ J35Z1
JNA1 K20A3 K20Z3 K24A1 K24A4 K24A8 K24A_
K24Z1 L15A1 LDA1 LDA2 R18A1 R18A4

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