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Pressure Plate | Replacement Pressure Plates

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Pressure Plate | Replacement Pressure Plates

Daikin Pressure Plate  Pressure Plate AISIN Pressure Plate Daikin Pressure Plate Japan Pressure Plate
AISIN Pressure Plate Daikin Pressure Plate AISIN Pressure Plate Japan Pressure Plate Daikin Pressure Plate

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What is a pressure plate?
Located inside the transmission bell housing between the rear of the engine and front of the gear box, the pressure plate is a round metallic device that has springs and levers, or fingers, controlled by a release fork connected to the clutch pedal. The pressure plate is located on the other side of the clutch disc opposite the flywheel. When the clutch is suppressed, the springs on the pressure plate are constricted which moves the plate back off the clutch disc thus allowing the flywheel to spin freely and the proper gear to be selected. Once the pedal is released, the pressure plate returns pressure to the clutch disc and then spins the flywheel as the car is now "in gear."

Are there different kinds of pressure plates?
There are three different varieties of pressure plates. This isn't just the manufacturer of the plate or what composite the plate is made of, it really speaks to the different mechanical designs that are available. The most common is the diaphragm pressure plate which is best suited for street cars. It has a Bellville-style spring that applies more even pressure from clutch disc to flywheel. It's more effective over center therefore requires less effort to operate. In performance applications and racing applications, there is the nine coil spring plate. A long version is used for drag racing while the Borg and Beck style is used for street applications because of its wider levers or fingers and increased durability.

What can go wrong with my pressure plate?
Because of its complex function, myriad of internal parts, and location in a high tension application, there are several things that can go wrong with a pressure plate. A common occurrence is worn springs which makes it difficult to disengage the clutch disc and allow shifting. Another common problem is friction wear from constant pressure against the clutch disc. You can also encounter problems with the fork connector to the clutch pedal and the levers which would typically become dirty or worn and not function as well.

How do I know that my pressure plate is bad?
Similar to problems with your clutch disc, you can tell if your pressure plate is going bad. You will have a loss of tension and friction within the clutch assembly making it difficult to shift gears and press the clutch pedal in. Also, if the springs are well worn, you won't even be able to disengage the clutch disc so that you can shift gears. Aside from these functional problems, symptoms would include missed gears, slipping, and rough entry when switching from gear to gear.

How do I maintain my pressure plate?
The most important part of maintaining a healthy pressure plate can be broken into two categories. The first would be the proper lubrication of your clutch system. This will protect you from additional wear and break down of springs and levers. The next category is the proper maintenance and replacement of your clutch disc as any problems with that disc will directly affect your pressure plate. Beyond that, be sure to have your transmission serviced as recommended by your factory.

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We carry Daikin Sachs AISIN Germany AP Amortex Valeo Paraut Pressure Plate.

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