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Pilot Bearing | Replacement Pilot Bearings

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Pilot Bearing | Replacement Pilot Bearings

Japan Pilot Bearing Sachs Pilot Bearing  Pilot Bearing Ruville Pilot Bearing Japan Pilot Bearing
Sachs Pilot Bearing Sachs Pilot Bearing Japan Pilot Bearing Sachs Pilot Bearing Sachs Pilot Bearing

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What is a pilot bearing?
A pilot bearing is a bearing located in a hole at the end of your engine's crankshaft. It provides low friction between the crankshaft and the transmission as it is sandwiched between the two. The pilot bearing is important as it's one of the only connecting points in this area and can be a major area of weakness.

Can a pilot bearing go bad?
A pilot bearing can go bad. When the transmission mounts begin to wear which causes more movement of the transmission while shifting, it results in extreme wear on the pilot bearing. It has a hard time compensating for the jostling of the transmission shaft as it's cradled within the crankshaft with no room to flex or move. Similarly, if you engine's crankshaft has problems, it will result in additional wear to your pilot bearing.

So, it can just break?
Anything is possible, so the pilot bearing could fail causing a slip between the transmission shaft and the crankshaft. Or even worse, it could cause the two to become disconnected or unseated. Luckily, that is a very rare occurrence. The pilot bearing will typically not fail on its own. The transmission parts are more likely to wear down. It's just important to remember to always replace your pilot bearing when replacing your clutch or crankshaft. If it doesn't get replaced accordingly, then serious failure becomes likely and costly.

Will I know if my pilot bearing is worn?
Typically, you will not know if you have a worn pilot bearing. Since they usually only have problems because your transmission mounts are weak or broken or there are other problems with your clutch, any slipping between the two shafts will usually be masked by the other problems.

Are there different kinds of pilot bearings?
There isn't a wide variety in terms of different com' of pilot bearings, but you will have options when you go to purchase. Made by an assortment of manufacturers like Sachs, Nachi, and Ruville, it is easy to find an OEM replacement for you vehicle that is made to factory specifications. For performance applications, they make heavy duty pilot bearings for vehicles like trucks. They also offer pilot bearings within transmission replacement kits that have steel or aluminum parts for added torque, longevity, and overall better performance.

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We carry Sachs Ruville SKF Germany INA Koyo NSK Schilling NTN Nachi Pilot Bearing.

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