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Oil Pressure Sender | Replacement Oil Pressure Senders

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Oil Pressure Sender | Replacement Oil Pressure Senders

Futaba Oil Pressure Sender NTC Oil Pressure Sender NTC Oil Pressure Sender  Oil Pressure Sender Sankei Switches Oil Pressure Sender
 Oil Pressure Sender Futaba Oil Pressure Sender VDO Oil Pressure Sender FAE Oil Pressure Sender FAE Oil Pressure Sender

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What is the oil pressure sender?
The oil pressure sender is a sensor connected to your engine block that measures the amount of oil pressure present in your internal engine chambers. It has two wires connected to it and one is directly linked to the oil pressure gauge located on your dashboard. The sender is typically located at the front of your engine block near the fuel filter and close to the intake manifold. Applications vary, so be sure to check your owner's manual to confirm its actual location.

What can happen if the sender is broken?
The most serious consequence is that you will not know your oil pressure which is the single most important indicator of engine stability on your dashboard. You will not know if there is a catastrophic drop in pressure or a rise in pressure which could signal viscosity breakdown of your motor oil. If the sender is faulty, you will most likely always see a reading of max pressure on your oil pressure gauge, but conditions and signs can vary so be on the look out for any sporadic behavior from your oil pressure indicator.

How do I replace it?
The replacement of the sender itself is fairly simple in most applications. You should have easy access to it from the front of the engine block, but you may still need to remove some parts or components to reach and replace it. The fuel filter is one of the most common parts to be removed. You'll need to detach the two wires connected to the outside, unscrew the sender from its housing, clean the gunk out of the threads in the housing, pre-seed the threads of the new sender with a light film of oil, and then screw the new oil pressure sender back into the housing. The final steps include re-attaching the two wires and any removed components like the fuel filter. Be careful not to lose any washers or small parts when removing the sender. They can easily slip into tricky places on or in the engine block. On some vehicles, the location of the sender may not be accessible making it an easier job for the dealership mechanics.

How do I maintain it?
Maintenance of your oil pressure sender is fairly straightforward. Change your oil every three thousand miles to keep engine particles from circulating throughout your system. In addition, keep the top of your engine block clean to avoid any corrosion or malfunction from the exterior portion of the sender. If oil or fuel or other materials spill on to your engine block, be sure to clean them right away and check the sensors or connectors they spilled onto.

What if my gauges are actually the problem?
This is a very valid question and something to consider when troubleshooting. Your primary concern should be about the actual pressure and health of the oil contained in your engine, so, if you have problems, you should be sure to confirm that your system and your oil are still functioning properly. If that is the case, you will find that these problems are most often caused by the oil pressure sender. It's the best place to start and is more cost effective than other options since looking at your electrical system can be very expensive for a specialist to even test.

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We carry Futaba NTC Sankei Switches VDO FAE Hella APA German Germany Vemo APA/URO Parts Beru Forecast Oil Pressure Sender.

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