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Distributor Cap | Replacement Distributor Caps

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Distributor Cap | Replacement Distributor Caps

Daiichi Distributor Cap Japan Distributor Cap Daiichi Distributor Cap Japan Distributor Cap  Distributor Cap
Japan Distributor Cap Bosch Distributor Cap Germany Distributor Cap Bosch Distributor Cap Daiichi Distributor Cap

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What is a distributor cap?

A distributor cap is a fairly inexpensive plastic cover that sits on top of the distributor shaft and protects the rotor and ignition parts. Since the distributor is responsible for the firing order of the valves, it's important that it be protected and not susceptible to extra sources of corrosion. The distributor cap encases the full top of the distributor shaft and sits just above the rotor and ignition points. The cap also has metal connectors or conductors sticking through the top that connect the spark plugs via spark plug wires. As the rotor turns and causes an electrical spark for each valve (or for each connector), that electricity gets carried up through the conductors in the cap, runs inside the spark plug wires, and then reaches the spark plugs where it ignites the gas and air combination inside the cylinder.

Are there different kinds of distributor caps?

Yes there are. There is the standard or original distributor mentioned above which is called a 'mechanical distributor' or can often be referred to as a 'points distributor.' There is a connecting rod located centrally in the middle of the distributor cap, and it connects to the ignition coil located separately from the distributor. When the coil sends spark, it goes into the central shaft, gets routed to the connectors for each cylinder by the rotor and ignition points, and then the spark is sent through the plug wires to the spark plugs. In the more recent form of distributor shaft and cap system, known as an HEI (High Energy Ignition) distributor, there are a few differences. There is no center post and the ignition coil is located on the distributor. The spark is sent through the cap in a certain firing order and is rotated by the rotor which is powered by a gear from the crankshaft.

Can a distributor cap fail or go bad?

It's really the expectation that your distributor cap will go bad or become worn so that it needs to be replaced. The whole cap is made of fairly inexpensive material just for that reason. Common causes of distributor cap wear would be corrosion in the connectors or ignition points, a crack in the outer casing, connections that become weaker from engine vibration, and any heat or burn damage from a malfunctioning coil or other problems that may occur in that area.

Is one type of distributor system easier to maintain than the other?

Distributor caps for the HEI distributors are definitely easier to maintain then that of the mechanical or points distributors. The points distributors have to bear more of the load as the coil is external and ignition points have to be the bridge to transfer the ignition spark. And since these systems are not one piece, they become corroded faster or wear quickly from engine vibration. HEI distributors are mostly a sealed system and don't corrode as quickly. They do not have to rely on an external coil or internal ignition points, so there are fewer parts involved. Because of this, HEI caps are changed a lot less frequently then their counterparts.

Will I know if I have a bad distributor cap?

There are definitely potential signs that will warn you about possible distributor cap failure. The most common would be the pistons firing out of order. This can cause misfires which can lead to backfires and it can cause the engine to run or idle very roughly. Other signs would include a weak spark which could lead to slower acceleration or dimmer lights, and you may also notice difficulty starting the vehicle, playing your radio, or rolling your windows up or down.

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